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“Investing in an energy source that will not go up in price and that pays for itself in five years is a sound, bankable decision — vital to long term stability and growth.”

Dean Thonesen
Vice President
SunWest Fruit Company



"...professional, low pressure sales approach..."

Home Solar Panels, Fresno, Ca

"Pickett Solar’s professional, low pressure sales approach and speed of completing installation exceeded my expectations. Thank you."
Susanne S., Fresno, CA

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"It's very satisfying ..."

Residential Solar Panels, Fresno, CA

"Pickett Solar installed panels on the roof of our home in November, 2011. They designed our solar system to meet our needs and maximize our investment. The project was completed on time, within budget, and without any of the disruptions that typically accompany work at one’s home. They streamlined the process and took care of the paperwork for utility rebates and tax credits. It’s very satisfying to watch our meter run backwards and know we’re saving money! If you’re thinking about solar for your home or business, we think Pickett Solar is the best in the business.”
Cynthia D., Fresno, CA

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Ready to invest in solar panels?
Fresno based Pickett Solar has 40+ years design-build construction experience.

Commercial Solar Panels Fresno, CA
Installation of commercial solar panels,
Fresno, CA  2.3 megawatt | Fowler Packing

You’ve had it with out-of-control energy bills and you’re ready to invest in solar panels.

But who to trust? Solar companies seem to be popping up on every corner.

Pick Pickett

We unabashedly think you should select Pickett Solar for a host of terrific reasons.

Locally Owned: We’re your neighbors and our reputation and good name are important to us. We promise to treat you really well. 

Family Owned: We don’t have to answer to corporate execs who only care about increasing their bottom line no-matter-what. We make our own company policy decisions. Like no high-pressure solar sales presentations.

Experience: We have 40+ years of construction and design experience. In fact, we’re the only local solar panels installer with a deep background in construction and design. We’ll evaluate the feasibility of solar on your home or place of business and catch potential construction problems prior to signing a contract. This saves you from unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pull permits for your new solar system.

Quality Craftsmanship: We use experienced, licensed and bonded subcontractors who specialize in their respective trades. Most solar companies only work with a two or three man crew who do not specialize. In our experience, a roofer is best at sealing a roof and an electrician is best at making electrical connections. With Pickett Solar, your solar panels project is in expert hands plus it’s supervised by one of our seasoned project managers.

Loyal Subcontractors: We’ve worked with our subs for years and treat them like family.  By paying them promptly and maintaining a long-term partnership, we have put together a highly skilled crew who will make your solar project a priority.

Company Stability: Solar Pickett is a division of Don Pickett & Associates, Inc., which, since 1988, has served customers in the central valley. The Pickett family has been in the construction business since 1972 with deep roots in the community. During these years, we have built over 700 industrial and commercial buildings and 225 custom homes. We are not going anywhere, so you’ll be able to find us if you have a question or concern.

Solar panels on home in Clovis, CA

Residential solar panels installation in Clovis, California

Whether your solar panels project is commercial, agricultural, or for your home, Pickett Solar will design and install a perfect solar system for you.

To get started, just phone 559.438.1074