"With 9,576 solar panels, Pickett Solar’s installation at SunWest Fruit Company is one of the largest roof-mount arrays in the nation."

Sunwest Fruit - Commercial Solar Panels

We were so happy with the results and the savings that we are adding a 2-megawatt project that will add 6,360 more solar panels. This will bring our total offset of electricity to 72% and will be one of the largest privately owned systems in the Valley.

Martin Britz, President,
Sunwest Fruit Company,
Parlier, CA
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Fig Garden Golf

I selected Pickett Solar because of their reputation. I was also impressed with the time and effort they put into the proposed design. Pickett Solar's team was professional and completed the project with minimal disruption to golfers.

Dave Knott, Owner
Fig Garden Golf Club,
Fresno, CA
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Solar Energy at Michelsen

It was a very pleasant experience with everyone involved in the project from start to finish. I would most certainly recommend Pickett to anyone. I'm very happy with the results of my business solar installations.

Ed P.
Michelsen Packaging
Fresno, California

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About Us

In 2008, Pickett Solar was started by the team at Don Pickett & Associates, Inc., a local commercial construction company with 40+ years design-build experience.

Real-World Need is Wake-Up Call

We learned, the hard way, there was a need locally for a solar company that specialized in large commercial installations. You see we had been on the “buying” end for a number of our own commercial projects. But when we searched for a solar company willing to handle larger commercial projects, we ran into roadblock after roadblock. Yes, there were a few companies willing to do the work, but when it came to large commercial installations, they were dabblers. They certainly weren’t up to our standards.

Launching Our Own Solar Company

That’s when we decided to launch our own solar company. We went to work to assemble top tier solar equipment suppliers. Not all solar equipment manufacturers are the same, so it’s imperative to stick with the companies that use superior materials, stand behind their products, and have a proven track record. We pay our bills promptly. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s not an industry standard. Naturally, manufacturers reward us by giving us preferential service and unmatched pricing, which we pass on to our customers.

Gathering the Team

Then we tapped skilled local subcontractors, who are specialists in their respective trades. A roofer is best for mounting a new system to the roof. An electrician is best for wiring it to the structure and connecting to the utility. Most solar companies use technicians who do all of the various tasks. By the way, gathering the best local subcontractors was easy. Via our parent construction company, Don Pickett & Associates, we already had a team of highly-skilled craftsmen who had been with us for years. We treat them very well, as an extension of our family. We also pay them promptly. They reward us by making themselves readily available for our projects, which means we can deliver solar projects to our customers in a timely fashion.

Heading Off Problems

Our deep experience in construction means that we are particularly well suited to serve our customers. When we design a solar system, we quickly spot any issues with the construction of a facility that may adversely affect the installation. Then we resolve problems immediately. This protects the customer from unpleasant surprises during the installation and permitting process.

“Buyer’s” Perspective

Because we began our solar company with a real world need for solar energy for our own construction projects, we bring a different perspective to the needs of buyers. With that perspective, we promise to design and install the best solar system available for your hard-earned money.

Mike Pickett, Owner

Mike Pickett, Pickett Solar
Mike Pickett

Mike Pickett heads up Pickett Solar. He leads a talented team of sales staff and instructs them to always be helpful to prospective customers and never to pressure anyone into a sale. Mike tells them, “Solar is a big initial outlay for the corporate buyer. Even though it pays for itself within five years, it’s not right for every company. Your job is to help the company who would significantly benefit from a solar installation.”

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