"With 9,576 solar panels, Pickett Solar’s installation at SunWest Fruit Company is one of the largest roof-mount arrays in the nation."

Sunwest Fruit - Commercial Solar Panels

We were so happy with the results and the savings that we are adding a 2-megawatt project that will add 6,360 more solar panels. This will bring our total offset of electricity to 72% and will be one of the largest privately owned systems in the Valley.

Martin Britz, President,
Sunwest Fruit Company,
Parlier, CA
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Fig Garden Golf

I selected Pickett Solar because of their reputation. I was also impressed with the time and effort they put into the proposed design. Pickett Solar's team was professional and completed the project with minimal disruption to golfers.

Dave Knott, Owner
Fig Garden Golf Club,
Fresno, CA
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Solar Energy at Michelsen

It was a very pleasant experience with everyone involved in the project from start to finish. I would most certainly recommend Pickett to anyone. I'm very happy with the results of my business solar installations.

Ed P.
Michelsen Packaging
Fresno, California

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vander woude dairy

When meter aggregation (NEM-A) was released in early 2014, there were a lot of questions. What are the guidelines? How will the billing work? What qualifies? With all of these question comes uncertainty, and that makes a large investment in a commercial solar project a tough decision to make. It takes a person that is willing to put a lot of faith and trust into their decisions. After pricing and interviewing a number of solar integrators, Pickett Solar was honored to be chosen by Simon Vander Woude of Merced, California to guide his commercial solar project though this new program.

What is NEM-A

Meter aggregation allowed Vander Woude Dairy to install one large solar array and then electronically distribute the kWh production to meters that are on contiguous parcels of land. Since the dairy grows its own feed and has numerous wells in the adjacent area, this new program made a lot of sense. For further details on meter aggregation visit our blog article here.

Project Challenges

The new NEM-A program proved to be a challenge. As the solar project started, the utility company was still developing their own process and guidelines. Proof of property ownership and pairing of utility bills added to an already complex process that is not for the unexperienced.

Commitment to Sustainability

In the news, dairies get a bad rap for being a detriment to our environment. What may surprise many is how sustainability is a big part of dairy operations. Water used at the dairy is treated then reused in the adjacent fields to grow feed for the cows. The manure is treated and 100% recycled. Adding a commercial solar system to the operation furthers Vander Woude Dairy’s commitment to what is already a very sustainable business.

Total Project Statistics

System size: 1.1 megawatts
Solar panels: 3,690
Mounting: Single axis tracker
Offsets: 2,123,424 KW Hours will be saved annually, enough to power 265 homes for a year

VanderWoude dairy