Solar Racking

"With 9,576 solar panels, Pickett Solar’s installation at SunWest Fruit Company is one of the largest roof-mount arrays in the nation."

Sunwest Fruit - Commercial Solar Panels

We were so happy with the results and the savings that we are adding a 2-megawatt project that will add 6,360 more solar panels. This will bring our total offset of electricity to 72% and will be one of the largest privately owned systems in the Valley.

Martin Britz, President,
Sunwest Fruit Company,
Parlier, CA
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Fig Garden Golf

I selected Pickett Solar because of their reputation. I was also impressed with the time and effort they put into the proposed design. Pickett Solar's team was professional and completed the project with minimal disruption to golfers.

Dave Knott, Owner
Fig Garden Golf Club,
Fresno, CA
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Solar Energy at Michelsen

It was a very pleasant experience with everyone involved in the project from start to finish. I would most certainly recommend Pickett to anyone. I'm very happy with the results of my business solar installations.

Ed P.
Michelsen Packaging
Fresno, California

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Rooftop Solar RackingRooftop Solar Racking

Rooftop mount is the most popular method to install commercial solar panelsl.

Improper solar installation can damage a roof. Pickett Solar avoids this by using experienced roofers so they can spot any potential problems and address them before installation.

Ground Solar RackingGround Solar Racking

If space is no object, ground mounting is an excellent way to install solar panels.

Ground mounted systems are easy to access making cleaning and maintenance a snap.

tracker-solar-rackingCarport Solar Racking

Another popular way to install solar panels is on carports.

The carport structure provides much appreciated shade for customer vehicles, while the rooftop is an out-of-sight place for solar panels.

Tracker Solar RackingTrackers

A tracker system works great for large ag or commercial solar projects with room on the ground. The system follows the sun throughout the day, adding 20% more power production. For systems hitting the 1-megawatt cap, the tracker will maximize your investment and production yield.

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